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The team at American Drafting Consultants offers their specialized expertise in a sub-consultant capacity to system integrators and engineering firms.

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At ACADE, we extend our proficiency as sub-consultants to system integrators and engineering firms.

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Our professionals are committed to providing AutoCAD Electrical Design services to system integrators.

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We are committed to recruiting and retaining the most adept and insightful design engineers in our domain.


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On-site or online AutoCAD Electrical training for a private groupĀ

“You receive dedicated expertise without the financial commitment of a full-time hire.”

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Exemplary Efficiency in Project Completion

American Drafting Consultants, LLC is a specialized firm focused on the creation of instrument and electrical (I&E) design documents. With offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Toledo, Ohio, we cater to I&E design departments nationwide.

Recognizing the perpetual demand for adept electrical designers within system integration and automation engineering firms, our team stands ready to provide expert support, ultimately helping clients streamline their operations and reduce costs.

Selecting us as your sub-consultant ensures the delivery of robust and cost-effective electrical designs for your projects. We take pride in our ability to pinpoint optimization opportunities and offer constructive recommendations for enhancement.

Centered on Your Requirements

In delivering AutoCAD electrical drafting design services, our business prioritizes a client-centric approach. Whether you require assistance with system integration or electrical schematics, we are dedicated to customizing our solutions to precisely align with your specific needs.