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Proficient Electrical Design Engineers

Within the ACADE team, we offer our specialized knowledge as sub-consultants to system integrators and engineering firms. It is a point of pride for us to serve as sub-consultants for electrical engineering and automation engineering firms, dedicated to crafting robust and cost-effective electrical designs for their projects.

Our expertise lies in industrial electrical automation design, encompassing tasks ranging from 480v single-line diagrams and load calculations to intricate circuits for even the most compact 4–20mA inputs. We possess a deep understanding of automation and system integration, backed by extensive experience in designing industrial controls for a wide range of applications.

We are dedicated to curating a team of the finest and most insightful design engineers in our field. Many of our designers boast over two decades of industry experience.

To remain at the forefront of automation and industry advancements, we stay vigilant in staying abreast of the latest technological and programming breakthroughs. Each year, we proactively enhance our skill set to harness the potential of new and exciting developments in our field.

Specializing in Industrial System Integration

Providing exceptional electrical design engineering since 2000, ACADE is an industry‑leading industrial automation integrator with a “client-first” approach. We have a proven track record of creating top-of-the-line automation and control systems for our clients across the United States.

Custom-Engineered Solutions

We design, build, and install custom-engineered solutions for all your system integration needs. We use proven, state-of-the-art technologies to deliver exceptional automation and control.

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